HR logo with holly berries and leaves

Holly Rudolph  


Screencap of Error Auctions website

Error Auctions

Work Performed

  • Custom Layout & Theme
  • WordPress Install & Customization

Screencap of SL Construction website

SL Construction

Work Performed

  • Custom Logo Design (With Shape File)
  • Custom Layouts (Index & Alternate Pages)
  • WordPress Install & Customization

Note: This website is no longer online at the original address.

Screencap of North Bend Theatre website

North Bend Theatre

Work Performed

  • Complete Redesign in 2003
  • Weekly Updates (2003-Current)
  • Custom Icon Boxes (Fundraisers, Birthday and Team Parties, etc.)

Screencap of Ralph Wells Landscaping website

Ralph Wells Landscaping

Work Performed

  • Custom Layout (2008)
  • Converted to WordPress in 2014
  • WordPress Install & Customization

Screencap of Flourish website


Personal Blog

For this former site I sketched the trees, leaves and swirls by hand. They were then scanned and traced over with the pen tool to create shapes.